“It’s not about healthcare. It’s about politics.”

Planned Parenthood worker Gonzales speaks with a woman during a Planned Parenthood Affordable Care Act outreach event for the Latino community in Los Angeles, California (photocredit Politico.com)

Planned Parenthood worker Gonzales speaks with a woman during a Planned Parenthood Affordable Care Act outreach event for the Latino community in Los Angeles, California
(photocredit Reuters)

And so the fight goes on. October 1st, there is just another government shutdown deadline. By then, US Congress has to balance the budget, or raise the debt ceiling. Once again.

Republicans are not willing to cut spending if the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, isn’t defunded. In other words, “take out the additional spending on Obamacare, and we will look into other areas that in our view can afford less money”. They won’t negotiate on tax increases. Anywhere.

Meanwhile, the President and his Democratic allies are doing roadshows to promote Obamacare and to get the American people and American companies, that can offer healthcare to their employees, convinced of the benefits for  them. These roadshows point out that Obamacare has three goals: lowering the annual increases in healthcare costs, ensuring that patients receive better healthcare, and that the uninsured population decreases. These roadshows that are going on now are making people aware that they can get affordable health insurance.

Ironically, that “enrollment-period” starts…. . October 1st .

Will that, and will Obamacare succeed?

“Well, that’s truly yet to be known and far from easy”, an American acquaintance tells me. “I think the link to the recent Baltimore Sun article you tweeted [ http://www.baltimoresun.com/health/bs-hs-health-reform-outreach-20130921,0,3436672.story ] makes a good point in addressing that class is a huge underlying area for healthcare and politics. The poor in our country, whether urban or rural, black or white, American born or immigrant, tends to be less educated than our middle class or wealthy. And they are the primary focus of Obamacare! Many in the upwardly mobile middle class would not be affected by the Affordable care Act, as many large employers already provide health insurance. The poor, however, and those that only work part-time jobs: well, they do not have employee sponsored insurance, and often don’t have the literary background to investigate the implications of the Affordable Care Act too. They are either ambivalent, they don’t really worry about it, or they’re paranoid, scared as they are made by what I call the right-wing fear tactics.

“Despite the aspect of class, right wing politicians have wasted much taxpayer time and money fighting it. They have made it seem as though we are all going to die – which was largely debunked and scrutinized – and that small business will fall apart, and no one will have jobs, and the Unites states will turn into a barren wasteland of poor sick people should Obamacare go through. Fear: the most ultimate way to influence people.

“Probably you wonder why they are playing those tactics. Well, I can’t help but wonder if the only thing they are truly afraid of is that it will do a lot of good. If Obamacare succeeds then the entire right wing ideology will be jeopardized. People will see that all of their scare tactics were for nothing. An entire political regime is using fear to control, or trying to do so, the policies of a free nation by misinforming their public.

“So there you have it. Obamacare is not about healthcare. It’s about politics, as all here is about politics. And the roadshows will be trying to control it and to reassure people. Congress approval  ratings nowadays are at 11%. Guess why.”

Over Ed Harms

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